Wheels from 160 m
Wheels from 160 m

Download presentation of the wheel from 126 to 175 meters

After the beginning of operation of London Eye which height is 135 m, and Singapore Flyer which height is 165 m, in the world there has appeared tourist interest towards the giant panoramic ferris wheels. On the one hand people want to observe the beautiful area around the wheel from a great height, on the other hand they want to experience flight. At the same time a well-illuminated giant ferris wheel is a jewel of the city or the park, attracting a lot of people.

Distribution of the giant ferris wheels is prevented by the very high cost of the project, which includes not only the cost of the wheel itself but the costs for foundations, station, infrastructure, and permissions.

We have conducted a market survey of the main tourist towns and cities and have established an approximate connection between the flow of tourists and the size of panoramic wheel, that corresponds to this flow. Moreover we have established the connection between the size of the wheel and average ticket price, which the visitors are ready to pay.

We have seen the opportunity of joining efforts with partners, owning the land in the areas with greatest tourist flows, for installation of the giant wheel….