Wheels from 160 m

Vladimir Gnezdilov and Pax Company offer for joint operation the Panoramic wheels (giant, ferris), the height of the wheel is from 180 meters, based on the International patent of Vladimir Gnezdilov (PCT/RU 2010/000261)We are ready to manufacture, deliver, assemble, and certify the Wheel in TUV SUD, operate it and perform maintenance.

We need a site sized 190x90m in a popular tourist destination with an estimated flow of people from 2 m. persons/year, power supply 200 kW, permissions.

We would like to receive 80%, 70%, or 60% of the revenue from the tickets sale, depending on the input of the sides into the erection and commissioning of the wheel. If the law requires an establishment of a joint venture, partnership conditions and income distribution are the subject of a separate discussion.

As an exceptional case we can consider option to sell the wheel.

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