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†††††††† We are closely cooperating with the technical supervision agencies such as Central Research Institute of Building Constructions named after Kucherenko (Russia) and TÜV SÜD (Munich, Germany). Our production has been certified as per ISO 9000 in compliance with Russian and European standards.

††††††† 70 specialists and 150 qualified workers create high quality equipment for the Russian and International markets.

†††††† Pax Company has built:

--- “Moscow – 850” Panoramic Giant Ferris Wheel certified by Central Research Institute of Building Constructionsnamed after Kucherenko;

--- Panoramic†Giant FerrisWheel 90 m in height for Mirabilandia park,†Italy Ė Europe’s tallest in 1999 - certified by TÜV SÜD;

--- Panoramic†Giant FerrisWheel 80 m in height on the roof of the building for Lotte Corporation (Ulsan, South Korea) - certified by TÜV NORD;

--- Cobra Roller Coasters 46 m in height for Kazakhstan and Russia Ė the tallest ones in the CIS;

--- Roller Coasters for Saudi Arabia,France (Parc Saint-Paul); Austria (Erlebnispark); certified by Coulter (USA) andTÜV NORD (Germany);

--- Over 170 major rides around the world;

--- 350 telecommunications and TV towers up to 130 meters in height.

†††††††††† Our recent achievements are design and manufacture of Mobile Gantry forGuiana Space Center, a set of containers for "Soyuz-CT" launchers transportation and other equipment for the European Space Agency and Roscosmos (Russian Space Agency) facilities. In October 21, 2011 by means of Mobile Gantry the assembly of launcher ďSoyuz-CTĒ and ďGalileoĒ satellite was held, and successful launch and orbiting was conducted.Further the Mobile Gantry will output 3-4 launchers per year.

†††††††††† Pax Company is the owner of amusement park at the All-Russia Exhibition Center.

No accidents or destruction happened to our products.

Our company is a developer of technical regulations for safety of machinery and safety of amusement rides, national standards for safety of amusement rides GOST 29166, GOST 52170 and GOST 53130.

††††††††† Pax Company Ltd. is a base organization for TC 427 Rosstandard (technical committee for safety of amusementrides) and ISO TC 254 (safety of amusement rides).