Golden Medal after the name of Shukhov V.G. is the highest public award for engineers in Russia. Among those awarded Shukhov Gold Medal were Nikitin N.V. (for the design and creation of critical components of high-rise buildings (Ostankino Tower)), Kalashnikov M.T. (for outstanding engineering development in the sphere of automatic weapon), a Franco-British team of design and construction developers (for the construction of Channel Tunnel ) and others.
Committee reported that in 2013, Gold Medal after the name of Shukhov V.G. goes to the team of developers submitted by Moscow Aviation Institute (Technical University), composed of: Gnezdilov V.A., Barmin I.V., Nikulin V.A., Kamyshan Z.I., Burkin M.V., Koulon D., J.-M. Astorg, J. Solana, for designing and construction of the Mobile Gantry for the Soyuz space vehicle , at Guyana aerospace center in Kourou, French Guyana.
On October 21, 2011 the first successful launch of “Soyuz ST-B” launch vehicle with the European Galileo satellite from Guiana Space Center was made. To date, three successful launches have been carried out. Further on, it is planned to make 3-4 launches annually in order to create a European group of navigation satellites of global view system. Besides the European satellites, Russian ones are also going to start from the Guiana Space Center.
The work was commissioned by the European Space Agency, on the technical task of CBGE named after Barmin V.P. (Roskosmos) by " Pax Company " LLC, nominated for the Medal by Moscow Aviation Institute - Technical University . Three major design and construction companies participated in the tender. There were examined 33 criteria, especially the technical aspects of compliance with technical requirements CNES and requirements of the European directives and standards. The project offered by Pax Company won 30 options from 33. As a result, in May 2005 there was signed a contract between the and CBGE after the name of Barmin V.P. for the design, manufacture and erection of the mobile gantry for the Soyuz space vehicle, at Guyana aerospace center in Kourou, French Guyana. "Pax Company"LLC was also assigned to design and manufacture a pivoting platforms at all levels from a height 7.2 meters to 36 meters and 4 sets of containers (28 containers in total) for transportation of SOYUZ-ST launch vehicles to Guiana Space Center . The MG project was certified by TUV SUD.
Benefits of using "Soyuz ST-B" in Guiana: - Soyuz ST-B LV with Fregat upper stage can place satellites in semi-stationary orbit, considering that the launch cost of "Soyuz-ST" in Guiana is ˆ 60-70 million, what is half of "Ariane-5" launching for the same purpose. - The proximity of the Guiana space center to the equator allows a 30% increase in the payload output mass compared with Baikonur launching Use of Mobile Gantry (MG) is necessary for implementation of vertical assembly of the Launch Vehicle (LV) and Head Part (HP). MG also protects LV and satellites from the environment, provides access of personnel to all LV systems and has the ability to quickly evacuate personnel from all the levels of MG beyond the areas of possible explosion of LV. MG project was carried out on the basis of risk analysis including modern design and lightweight spatial vehicles calculation methods. Characteristics of MG exceed those of the previous created ones of the similar design. For the design of the Mobile Gantry for the Soyuz space vehicle at the Guiana Space Center former head of Roskosmos Perminov A.N. was given by the President of France the reward of The Officer of the Legion of Honour.

Photos of MG

Test run

Launch on 21.10.2011

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