Safety and reliability of the manufactured amusement rides is the result of long-term policy of the company in the field of quality, carried out in accordance with International standards

The basis of safety, reliability, and quality at design, manufacture, and operation of amusement rides and other equipment is made by application of ISO 9000 quality management system, and the product certification for compliance with ISO standards, European and Russia standards. Welding process is certified according to DIN 18800-7 and EN 287-1. 

Since the release of the first amusement rides in 1989, there have been no incidents with our products on its fault.

Having developed GOST 29166-1991 standard, Pax company achieved high reliability, starting from the first amusement rides of “Moscow roller coaster” type, continuing with looping roller coasters and other amusement rides.

In 1999 our company established a record of Europe, having manufactured at our plant and having assembled the biggest Panoramic Giant Ferris Wheel at that moment, 90 meters in height, in the Italian park Mirabilandia.

The assemble of the majestic construction was so fabulous show that according to the request of park management the assemble should be interrupted for the period of the planned actions (including “Police Academy” show), in order not to detract the visitors from the events. The Russian workers assembled the wheel. The huge construction, which can be seen for hundred kilometers, can accommodate 400 passengers at once, who is welcome to spacious eight-seat cabins equipped with automatic doors.  The unique product manufactured in strict accordance with European standards, has taken a worthy pace in the park.

In 2001 our company built and installed in Ulsan (South Korea) on a roof of a supermarket the illuminated Panoramic Giant Ferris Wheel, 75 m in diameter (the total height of the construction is 110m). The unique construction is capable to sustain hurricanes, and Richter magnitude 9 earthquakes. The night illumination of the wheel attracts visitors from all suburbs of the city. Visitors make a fascinating ride in magnificent cabins of east design supplied wit all convenience, including air-conditioning and radio communication.

In 2005 the company won tenders for design and manufacture of Mobile Gantry for “Soyuz” launch vehicles for Guiana Space Center, the set of containers for transportation of “Soyuz” launch vehicles from TsSKB Progress to Guiana, and the set of pivoting cable frames for “Soyuz” launch vehicles servicing in Guiana. The company has the license of Russian Space Agency for production of space equipment.

On March 5, 2012 the company successfully went through the audit of quality management system of ISO 9000.