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The illumination of our wheel in Lazarevskoe, Sochi:

Advantages of our panoramic wheels:

1. Spacious, modern, swing-safe cabins;
2. Gear drive without slippage under uneven load
of the wheel up to 50%;
3. Light and rigid metal structures for I-VII wind areas;
4. 3-4 times decrease of volume and cost of the foundations;
5. 2 times cost decrease of installation;
6. 2 times decrease of number of 40 feet containers for transportation.

Wild Train-15

New: in September 2021 we patented new type of panoramic wheel "Halo"

July 11, 2021 new wheel was put into operation with the cabins of the new type in the Kizilyurt district of the Republic of Dagestan.

Projects of the Giant Wheels 150 to 250 meters:

The story of amusement rides.
The concept of an "attraction", which comes from the French "Attraction" - "Attraction". The first attractions appeared in the Middle Ages: in summer - swings and carousels, in the winter - ice roller coils.
The first amusement park was built in 1583 near Copenhagen and was called Bakken, which still works!
In Russia, the same ice slides and swings. Only in the era of the Board of Peter the First, it became popular to create parks for the fun of the royal people and nobility. In the middle of the XVIII century, the famous Russian engineer of Andrei Nartov invented mechanical "Catal Mountains". It was a revolution in Catania.
After the victorious end of the war with Napoleon in Russia, the industrial production of "catal mountains" has established.
After a few decades, the soldiers of the Napoleonic army, "after having seen during the campaign of 1812 to Russian national fun skiing from the mountains, came up with a popular name" Russian slides "in other countries (in other countries they are called American).
First, only courtiers rode on the towns of Nartov, and for the people, the mechanical slings were built for the first time after many years - in 1896 at the Nizhny Novgorod exhibition.
In 1884, the Americans have improved this system, and in New York, mechanized slides appeared with trolleys on the rollers who descended along the rails. After a while, in 1897, such an attraction erected the Japanese.
A special place among the attractions occupies a ferris wheel, which allows you to make a man of any age a walk in heaven and represents the carousel supplied vertically.
There is an assumption that this innovation appeared in the 17th century in the Turks as a means of shooting troops from their rotating places over the city wall to break the siege of the city (see the article "The Age of the Wheel" (the age of the wheel).
The wheel rotation speed is always small so that the passengers can calmly sit down and disembark on the go. The ferris wheel often dominates the city's buildings and is an important urban attraction. Over time, architectural view with the ferris wheel becomes one of the symbols of the city. An example of this is the Eye Forement Wheel in London Currently, the Ferris Wheel "Moscow-850" at the VDNH in Moscow from 1998 to 2025, and others.
The first metallic entertainment wheel of the ferris built in 1893 engineer George Washington Gail Ferris Jr. (Eng. George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr.) at the World Columbus exhibition in Chicago.
The wheel was created as an American response to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The wheel diameter was 75 meters, mass - 2000 tons. The wheel was driven by two steam machines with a capacity of 1000 liters. with. Each. 36 cabins were attached to the rod of the wheel, approximately from the bus. In each cabin there were 20 seats and 40 standing places, and thus the total passenger's attraction was 2160 people.
The ferris wheel built on the Ferris project in 1897 is in Vienna and has been preserved until now. It is called WIENER RIESENRAD and is one of the main attractions of the Austrian capital.
The so-called "observation wheels" (eng. Observation Wheel) - a new type of ferris wheel. The first wheel of this type was the 135-meter Ferris Wheel "London Eye" ("London Eye". This wheel was opened in 1999.
An unusual type of classic ferris wheel. Such a wheel was built in the 1920s in the Coney Island Park in the New York district of Brooklyn, a wheel with sliding cabins was built. It has been preserved so far and is now used in the Deno's Wonder Wheel Park Park. A copy of this wheel operates in the California Park Disney Land.
Now the highest ferris wheel is located in Las Vegas - 167.5 meters.
In the Netherlands there is a ferris wheel, which rolling all those who want with their machines. The wheel turns around in about 10 minutes and can simultaneously roll 4 cars with passengers, raising them with a 35-meter height.

Pax Group has been active in business since 1988, in the International market since 1993, and is made up of specialists with large work experience in the aerospace industry. Our specialty is calculation, design, and manufacture of sophisticated machinery, space program equipment, spatial metallic structures, amusement rides and building constructions (more)