Ulsan, Korea, 80 m

Pax company rightly considers this model to be its flagship. This giant ferris wheel was developed by the order of LOTTE company to be installed on the roof of 7-storey shopping mall. Every year the wheel can withstand several hurricanes and can sustain Richter up to 9 magnitude earthquake. The wheel is equipped with a unique neon illumination with 1200 control channels. The equipment of cabins, in addition to air-conditioning, includes seat heating, telecommunication with operator, and many other things. To prevent strong vibration of the cabins at continuous hurricanes, each cabin is equipped with magnet damper, patented by Pax Company. The total height of the wheel with the building is 109 meters. The project is certified by TUV, Germany.



Site size

30x32 m

Capacity persons/hour

up to 2300

Number of cabins


Number of seats in a cabin


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